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Through Brand Norway, Norwegian companies get help to become even more visible and attractive internationally.

Norwegian values, the social model and Norwegian history are some of the most valuable tools we have. In addition, consulting is available for individual companies, providing market insights and profiling of Norwegian green solutions through the digital platform The Explorer or profiling of Norway as a travel destination on

"Strong national brands increase the competitiveness of national players"

Norwegian origin adds value

People are more likely to buy products and services from a country they have a positive impression of. In particular, small and medium sized companies are more likely to succeed when the country has a clear position.

Norway is best known for its pristine and beautiful scenery, oil industry and welfare. A survey of business leaders in 17 international markets documents that we have a well-functioning democracy, are trusted, highly educated, have world-class technology, are pioneers in a variety of fields - and we are considered to manage natural resources - and the oil wealth - in a sustainable way. These are solid associations to build on in our communication.

"It is a quality stamp of a high standard, and we hope it will make it easier for us to reach international customers.”

— Rune Vandli, CEO, Vixel

Business leaders however find that we are poor at communicating our story. We have no tradition of promoting our own solutions and companies - or the fact that we are Norwegian and come from Norway. Together we will do something about this.

You have to be known to be chosen. Brand Norway is a national export initiative and a growth and value creation project that is about positioning Norway by telling a common story about who we are, where we come from and what we can offer. In addition, the initiative includes a number of services and tools that Norwegian companies can use in their work abroad to become more visible internationally and to be chosen by more customers.

Blueye Robotics
Sustainability pioneers

When we want to sell more abroad - it must be something the world wants. The world has set the agenda and placed an order through the UN's sustainability goals, and Norwegian companies are developing and delivering world-class technical and sustainable solutions that can help to achieve these goals.

Norwegians have always been pioneers. The same applies to Norwegian companies and solutions. Pioneers lead the way, plough new ground, and set new standards.

To define our common history, we must build on what we are best at and that the world wants more of: pioneering spirit, sustainability and technology.

Therefore, we can say that our common history should be that Norway is a pioneer in finding sustainable solutions to the world's economic, social and environmental challenges. Norway and Norwegian companies are sustainability pioneers.

Use the story!

If we are to benefit from Norwegian history, we must be better at telling it. Norwegian companies should build on and use it in their own work. This means active communication of Norway as a country of origin and that each Norwegian player positions their history and their activities close to the values ​​in the common history of Norway, pioneering spirit and sustainability.

Saad Butt -
Stories that build on the sustainability pioneer

Three basic stories have been defined that build on the position of sustainability pioneer. These stories should inspire, guide and assist Norwegian companies how to communicate when they tell their own stories.

Andreas Kleiberg
Stein Hamre
Powered by nature

Where we come from
Norway and nature have always been intertwined. Norway’s history is one of farmers, fishermen and seafarers. We have learned to explore, use and respect nature through hard work in a harsh climate, and we understand that sustainability is more than an abstract concept. Norway is powered by nature because our mountains and rivers have made us self-sufficient in hydropower, and our coastline and fjords have made us a world leader in ocean industries. And Norway is powered by nature because of the natural beauty of our country.

Using "powered by nature" as a communication theme
The theme Powered by nature can be used in a variety of ways to communicate, inspire and create branded content. Powered by nature is relevant to many different aspects of Norway, from the physical beauty of the landscape to the role of nature in industry and technology development — from tourism to sustainable business. By being creative with how we use the theme Powered by nature as a driver for content and communication, we can illustrate how Norwegian nature is reflected in the DNA of the entire country; how it is lived and experienced, and how it is sustained.

Jordan Rowland
Andreas Kleiberg
Built on equal opportunities

Who we are  
Norway is built on equality. We believe in an inclusive working life for all, as everyone working together means greater rewards for all. That is why our economy is more dependent on the high proportion of women in our workforce than all our North Sea oil combined. We also believe in close cooperation between employers and employees, and the high level of trust across society lowers risks for companies and investors. The Norwegian model is a success due to equal opportunities.

Using “built on equal opportunities” as a communication theme
Built on equal opportunities brings a human quality to the stories we tell by reflecting Norway’s social structure, foundation of equality and work-life balance. Through this theme we can emphasize the values of respect, trust and togetherness, affirming that Norway’s achievements come from the collaboration of all Norwegians. This theme puts people into focus and highlights how an inclusive society can inspire participation, create opportunity and realize potential.

Saad Butt
North of the ordinary

What we offer
We live where Europe meets the Arctic, and where essentials meet expertise. Norway has smoothly functioning infrastructure and a highly educated population, promoting sustainability for the environment and the economy alike. Norway is a leader in the green and blue sectors, an early adopter of smart solutions and advanced technology, and home to new companies that are growing rapidly, robustly and responsibly. Therefore, our standard is north of the ordinary.

Using "North of the ordinary" as a communication theme
The theme North of the ordinary sets a standard and ambition that underpins what Norway offers as a country. The theme is, of course, relevant to the physical location of Norway. But more importantly, it is relevant to the experiences and atmosphere it brings with it. For example, we are North of the ordinary in pioneering and delivering smart solutions across industry, society and sustainability. North of the ordinary sets a tone for what Norway creates and the value this brings, giving our communications a context in an engaging, relevant and aspirational manner.

Norwegian Coast, Ole C. Salomonsen -


As part of this national export initiative, a number of services are developed that Norwegian companies and organizations can make use of. (Please note that more information about these are sometimes in Norwegian).

The Explorer:
Green Tech from Norway

The Explorer is Norway's official marketplace for green technology. The Explorer connects international needs to Norwegian solutions. This service showcases green solutions from hundreds of Norwegian companies in a variety of sectors, from green shipping and environmental technology to smart cities and circular economics.

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Invest in Norway

Invest in Norway facilitates direct foreign investment in Norway.

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Advisory Services

Innovation Norway offers consulting, advice, networks, and expertise to Norwegian companies with international ambitions. We have internationalization advisers regionally located throughout Norway who can advise you, and put you in touch with foreign advisors in more than 30 offices in nearly 30 countries that know the local market, business culture and have a wide network.

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Exports Development Programs

Innovation Norway has a number of export development programs and tools that you can use to improve your company's market insight and export expertise.

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International Business Events

Throughout the year, Norway participates in a number of international trade fairs and several business delegations to other countries. Read more and find out what may be relevant to your business.

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Brand Norway Identity and Content Library

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Team Norway, Innovation Norway and ocean industry companies have access to Brand Norway's visual profile, logo and design elements. All Norwegian companies have access to stories and content with photos, videos and ready to use presentations/ templates to present Norway, and your own company’s story, values and sales pitch. Content library users must register with name, company, business email, contact details and self-selected password at the first login. New users are approved as users and given access to relevant content.

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Strategic Positioning

Competence workshop to increase awareness of what gives the company competitive advantages. The goal is to define how the company can leverage these benefits to take a clear position in an international market. Contact your local innovation advisor in Innovation Norway if you would like a workshop.

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